Aluminium Alloy Case With Cooling Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4

Learn to assemble the Aluminium Alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 4 in eight steps!

Written By: Cherie Tan

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The Little Bird Aluminium Alloy Case with Cooling Heatsink was made for the Raspberry Pi 4.

In this guide, learn to assemble this sturdy case in just eight steps!

Complete this guide to tackle overheating issues on the Raspberry Pi 4.

Step 1 Overview

The Little Bird Aluminium Alloy Case with Cooling Heatsink Case is made of aluminium alloy created through CNC machining manufacturing technology. It acts as a giant heatsink which will greatly reduce the temperature of your Raspberry Pi 4! 

In this guide, we will show you how to assemble it in eight simple steps.

Step 2 Peel off transparent backing of thermal tape

Gently peel off the transparent backing from the three pieces of thermal tapes. 
Then, carefully stick the three pieces of thermal tapes onto the three chips as shown. 
The positioning of the thermal tapes does matter as these will be stuck onto the jutting areas found on the case when it is later attached on to the Raspberry Pi. The side of the thermal tapes that have wording should now be face up.

Step 3 Peel off backing with wording

Next, very gently peel off the backing with wording from the thermal tapes now attached to the Raspberry Pi.

Step 4 Place Raspberry Pi against bottom part of case

Place the bottom part of the case against the Raspberry Pi.

Step 5 Place top plate of case to Raspberry Pi

Turn the Raspberry Pi over and then place the top part of the case against the Raspberry Pi.

Step 6 Attach screws to back of case with allen key

Now very carefully turn it to the back and insert the four screws into the holes.
Then turn the allen key clockwise to tighten the screws in place. The Aluminium Alloy Case will now be secured against the Raspberry Pi.

Step 7 Insert micro SD card into Raspberry Pi 4

The case allows easy insertion of a microSD card. Go ahead and insert the microSD card into the Raspberry Pi as shown. 

Step 8 Complete build

We're done! Attach the Raspberry Pi Power Supply USB-C 5V 15W to the Raspberry Pi 4 and it should now power up and stay cool.